SympalPress is a super clean and modern, responsive theme for personal bloggers. The design is simple, uncluttered and straigh-forward. It’s all about getting your content in front of your audience and SympalPress does just that. It has all the standard posts types like: Audio, Video, Quotes, Photos and Galleries. Giving you flexibility and makes your content look good on any device.

The homepage also has a slider which makes use of swipe gestures on phones, tablets and other mobile devices. You can customize the colors with the Theme Customizer and choose between a light version or dark version.

SympalPress is featured on our list of the best blogging themes of 2013.


ThemeFurnace is one of the best theme developers out there. Their themes have unique designs that are well thought out and organized. They also offer great pricing. It is $49 for any individual theme which is pretty average but it’s their year package where you really get a good deal. $99 for a year membership that gets you access to all of their themes.

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