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Banner Ads

If interested in a 300X300 ad in our sidebar here at, contact us at [email protected]

We offer 1 Month for $100 USD and have space for 2 ads on search pages and 2 ads on all other pages including blog. Please send details of your advertising goals including

  • Term (1 month, 2 month etc)
  • Ad locations, search or blog
  • Your website link for the ad. Where will the ad be linked to?
  • What are your goals for the ad (Reach, Awareness, Promotion)

Article Reviews

For $250 USD, we will review your plugin or theme and write a review about it. Share details regarding your, book, plugin, theme, or other WordPress/BePro Software Suite related solution.

Video Reviews

We are known for our screencast reviews. Engage customers on a higher level with a video review. These reviews include a screencast video where we showcase the various important features of your product. It also includes an article review. This solution is $400