Hypoallergenic cat

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Age - .5 years
Gender - Female



Cost - $400.00


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Phone - 555-454-3332
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Low shedding  *Intelligent – fast learning  *Sensitive to owner’s mood  *Rare   Kings of Siam is a network of catteries breeding hypoallergenic cats and kittens. Our Balinese kittens (longhair Siamese) are well tolerated by people allergic to cats. Amount of allergen produced by Balinese cats varies based on gender and color. Bright colored females produce the least allergen. However, amount of allergen produced by male kittens, after they are neutered, significantly diminishes making neutered Balinese male cats comparable to Balinese female cats in terms of non-allergenic or hypoallergenic quality. Balinese cats are smart, sweet, and fun to be around. They are known for their ability to communicate vocally. Highly social, Balinese are sensitive to your moods and feelings and are more than willing to cheer you up with some happy chatter if you are feeling gloomy. They love to play and easily learn to fetch, bringing the toy or ball back for repeated throwing.  We have  2 absolutely adorable longhair Balinese kittens available  A few of our babies are already spoken for.  Please call us

Lat:47.6062095 Lon:-122.3320708

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