WordPress Vehicle Directory

For those interesting in creating and running your own wordpress vehicle directory like maritimetransit.com, we have created BePro Listings. This is a combination of wordpress plugins and themes with all of the directory features you could ever need.


BePro Listings offers several $1 one dollar wordpress themes, with all of the features of premium $60 themes. There is also a growing list of addons which extend the functionality of the directory. These addons and themes can be bought in bundles. This makes setup and growth very cost effective. No other solution provides this many features for $1


Examples like maritimetransit.com, demo how you can create a vehicles directory with our 100% FREE BePro Listings platform. This means that they come with lots of features including, google maps, ajax search & filter, several listing templates, and ability to categorize everything. This is a complete toolset for getting started with your wordpress directory. The good news is that the directory themes cost $1 one dollar


List cars, trucks, plans, or any other type of directory. The vehicle’s addon introduces several new features which are specific to vehicles. New features include

  • Vehicle listing information including, mileage, status, body type, and more
  • Search and filter by vehicle information
  • Sold flag for vehicles with the sold status
  • Admin option to change the heading for the vehicles information, on the details page
  • Details on listings (year and condition)
  • Origami compatible


What makes BePro Listings different is its modular approach. Users are able to pick features and install only what they need. This reduces bulk, resulting in improved website load speeds. BePro Listings also integrates with lots of free 3rd part plugins. This provides opportunities to create truly unique combiniations of features, selecting the components you like best. The result is an architechture which does not trap you into any single direction. No other wordpress directory plugin or theme provides this many free and paid features.


BePro Listings also has a high level of development. Our public logs on wordpress.org showcases upgrades to the plugin every few days. In addition, we have support forums for BePro Listings our their developers offer speedy advice. Most importantly, we offer various software development services to assist you in building your own custom vehicles listing website.


If you are building a wordpress vehicles directory website, then our BePro Listings plugin with its vehicles addon is a great foundation for your goals.. With this many base features and tons of ways to expand, BePro Listings stands alone at the top of the list for vehicle directory plugins.

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