Make money selling wordpress themes and plugins

WordPress is known as a popular online platform for blogging and creating custom websites. Its reported to provide its developers with access to up to 20% of the world’s new internet websites. However, with this vast market has emerged competition. In addition, websites allowing you to post products for sale, usually want a hefty cut of the profits. Meet and our once a year payment plan for posting BePro Software related products and creating passive income for yourself

THE BePro Software Suite

On you will fine a set of free products known as the BePro Software Suite. They cover niches such as, ecommerce, email, listings and gamification. We sell addons based on these products today. There is nothing stopping you from doing the same.

Our customers are demanding more features. Unfortunately, we cannot provide everything they need. This is where you come in. Create themes and plugins focused on these products and take advantage of the growing list of users willing to pay for these products.

Currently, we sell addons focused on various niches like, real estate, car dealers, business directories and so much more. You can create a product for a market or create a product you believe everyone will want. Either way, this is a stable platform that’s demonstrated its stability and profitability. You can be part of the action simply by creating your own addon

HOW IT WORKS accepts any listing which is built on the BePro Software Suite and meets the requirements posted on our terms and conditions page. Once your listing is accepted you control the, price, description and payment gateway for your product.

The fee comes once a year so you can create realistic forecast on profits, without someone else controlling the price and your percentage. You start by selecting the package that makes the most sense for your needs. We have packages with as little as 1 listing and packages as big as 30 listings. The more you buy, the bigger the discounts.


With our approach you can take advantage of our growing customer base on You get free links back to your website and as a result you grow your own customer relationship. Extend support and the level you deem necessary and stand out in your delivery of customer service.

You are free to focus on markets you believe there is a chance for growth. Cater to a niche or wherever you can find interested customers. Its easy when you consider the has an open forum where you can easily communicate with other members. You can also post articles on and check the comments to confirm interest. We provide all of the tools to gauge customer needs and then engage them.

You can then sell BeProSoftware addons right next to your own. Grow your own brand, cross sell products, interact with customers and so much more. This is ideal when considering avenues for growing your existing business or getting started with your own line of products.


If you are a plugin or theme maker and would like to find a new platform to differentiate yourself from everyone else, consider building on the BePro Software Suite. We already make money selling addons on this wide open platform and you can too. With our documentation and examples, its easy to integrate your ideas with what we have. Keeping in mind that there is a customer base ready and waiting for your creations to be launched.

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