Do I have too many WordPress Plugins?

The simple answer is that there is no such thing as too many. The reality is that plugins are a great way to have someone else develop and maintain code that you need to run your website. Nevertheless, we find a lot of our community members have this questions, so we decided to address it in this article

There is an upper limit number right?

Well if you had the power of facebook servers, wouldn’t you think that number must change? Look, plugins are not inherently evil. Where you encounter issues, is when these plugins are not coded well and/or your server is not equipped to support that much processing.

In the case where the plugin is not coded well, then yes, creating your own custom code would make lots of sense. However, you should probably deliver that code as a plugin. If the issue is that your server cannot process the images or whatever else you are trying to do, then removing the functionality entirely is your best option.

How do I know when to remove a plugin?

This one is easy, start deactivating plugins and visit your website after each one. Note the performance differences on your website. If you notice a major difference after recently deactivating a plugin, you have found the issue. Now you have to figure out if you need this feature or not. If its needed, then you will want to find a replacement plugin, code your own, or get a better server


There is no such thing as too many plugins. The amount of plugins you need depends on your setup including your underlying infrastructure. Some websites are just blogs, others drive major communities, they definitely don’t need the same type of server and definitely don’t have the same number of plugins. Use the amount of plugins that make sense for your website and setup

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